ATTRACTIONS: 2018 Gathering Mountain Festival of Magick


We're so pleased to bring you the areas best magicians, psychic entertainers,  paranormal entertainers, mediums and mystical artisans.

Learn about many modalities directly from some prominent teachers of magick and occult. Attend a spell-working workshop, or a bonfire ritual. 

Discover some of your own magickal abilities, be entertained by real magicians, connect on another level with the guidance of paranormal experts, and more!There are many attractions to give you an experience you'll remember for life!


WOOO! The tentative schedule is here! Times of performance details are subject to change as we add to the festival line-up. All shows are all-ages EXCEPT 'Pre-Possessed' by Vinca Johari. You must show ID and be at least 18 to attend the seance. That segment will be at Midnight on Friday ONLY. Camping pass required for night life.

Last minute Schedule updates: Instead of "Law of attraction, Renee will be presenting: "Welcome to Awakening" with Renee Johanna, Clairvoyant Coach and Author.



We have a very special set of 'Celebrity Guests' making a magickal appearance at the Gathering! Please give warm and hearty greeting to David Griffin & Leslie Morgan McQuade! Imperator of Alpha Ωmega Rosicrucian Mystery School, and High Priestess of Isis Temple. They will travel all the way from Nevada to mentor students of Magick IN-PERSON! Take advantage of this rare public appearance to receive direct insight from adepts with an impressive background. They're leaders in liberation and light-workers you'll want to meet

Got old crystals or handmade jewelry you're bored with? Clear, cleanse and recharge them at the bonfire in the waxing crescent Scorpio/Saggitarius moons and swap them out for something different. Leslie Morgan McQuade, High Priestesses, will perform a live magickal ritual. Then the crystal-swapping begins! Dance by fire and starlight to the DRUM CIRCLE! Bring your drums and other instruments! Make a joyful sound as one! Bring your swappable items to the Gathering Mountain for the swap meet around the Bonfire. Barter your items (NO SALES unless you are a qualified vendor) but the swappers circle is a great place to trade crystals and gifts.

Joining us all the way from Arizona, a very gifted intuitive talent: Renee Johanna! Need some clarity? Ask a clairvoyant! Her new book, "Welcome to Awakening" is a self-help book aimed at empowerment for overcoming and conquering! Just a few minutes in Renee's genuine and loving energy will have you smiling ear to ear! Stop by her booth for a book and a few minutes of sound advice

We have an animal whisperer in our midst! Kelly Animal Services & Academy offers Pet & Livestock Grooming, Pet & Livestock Sitting and Training. Vendor of Espana Silk Shampoo and Products, Also offers custom order stained glass, coffee cups & toys and natural treats.  Stop by their mobile stables for photo ops with horses that cosplay a wizard that's been turned into a horse, and a Griffin. Also see a dog creatively dyed with a wizard design, Pet some rabbits with real names from your favorite wizard books! They will have full photo packages with the horses and rabbits and provide rides on the wizard horse!!

Please give a warm welcome to Dr. Ira Goodman, PHD. He is a psychic, medium, medical intuitive and healer. He is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and empathic. As a medical intuitive, he can see the condition of the body. He can identify the underlying physical or emotional issues. As appropriate, he brings in Divine energies to initiate a physical, emotional or spiritual healing process. His abilities as a medium allow him to contact and communicate with those who have left this world. Ira has a Ph.D. in social/personality psychology and a doctorate in naturopathy. He is certified in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and hypnosis. He is also a Kriyaban with the Self-Realization Fellowship which was established by his Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. Dr. Ira applies his broad range of knowledge and experience in his work. While you're at his booth, pick up some genuine Arkansas Quartz!

The Gathering Mountain welcomes The Northwest Arkansas Harry Potter Alliance!!  Their goal is to bring wizards and muggles together in acts of local service to keep the magic of the stories we love so much alive. This is accomplished through activism to alleviate youth poverty, promote literacy & education, advocate for equality and inclusion, and bring creativity to our region displayed in acts of service and planning local events for the betterment of our community.  A little about the Harry Potter Alliance: The Harry Potter Alliance turns fans into heroes. The HPA has been changing the world by making activism accessible through the power of story. Since 2005, they’ve engaged millions of fans through their work for equality, human rights, and literacy. The NWA chapter to continue this noble mission. The vision is to be a creative and collaborative culture that solves the world’s problems. Stop by their booth to see how you can be a part of something magically good for your community.

Arkansas Quidditch Club will be playing a live match of Quidditch. Ask them about how to play in a community team. The sport was inspired and made popular by JK Rowling in the Harry Potter books. The Quidditch association brought the sport to life!

You are cordially invited to attend the MAGICKAL MASQUERADE & cosplay contest. Saturday, Sept 15th at High Noon at the main stage for an afternoon of frolicking with faeries, mingling with mermaids, AND walking with witches and wizards! Get creative! Pick your favorite magical character or creature for prizes provided by our wonderful vendors. Each vendor has agreed to sponsor one item for the contests and giveaways and there are some unique treasures to be won! Wow us with your creative genius! Prize categories include Most original, Best Representation of Existing Character, Most Amazing, Most Bizarre, Best Craftsmanship... We encourage you to dress up and experience a magickal gathering.  Hosted by the always lovely, Melonie Brannon


Connor O’Carraig the Leprechaun Extraordinaire is a man of many talents. He has been a sleight of hand magician and a musician since he was 12 years old. He firmly believes that P. T. Barnum was right in saying “The noblest art is that of making others happy.” His Magic show focuses on the manipulation of time to demonstrate his illusions, and he was greatly inspired by Dr. Seuss to make the script RHYME!!! Truly a family friendly experience. As an acoustic guitarist and vocalist, his main focus is pushing the limits of what a one man musical act can do. Often he is known to run a base line, a melody and a drum beat on the guitar simultaneously as well as sing at the same time. While he plays various forms and genres of music, he has the most fun with finger-style renditions, and classic Celtic tunes. As a showman he puts strong emphasis on storytelling and comedy. If people aren’t laughing he feels he isn’t doing his job right. He dabbles in the art of fortune telling or as he likes to call it “Luck Consulting” on his path to understanding all things mystical. And he also juggles and contact juggles(yes they are two different things) and on occasion the balls are lit on fire. In an effort to share the spotlight with his wife, Julia, he has picked up a knack for fire spinning as well. He has been known to breathe fire every now and again also. And yes... once again, its real fire.


Julia Faye Juju- The Swamp Witch. Born and raised in New Orleans, She learned the art of divination by Tarot Cards at a very young age in her family’s Barber shop/Beauty shop. At the age of 13 she began to provide readings for the clients as they waited for their turn to sit in the Stylists chair. Always fascinated by the mysticism of all the various cultures, she has spent countless hours devoted to learning various spiritual path working methods. For example Tarot cards, Oracle cards, palm reading, casting the bones, runes, i-ching, astrology, birth charts etc.. However beyond her practical knowledge of various forms of divination, her greatest strength is her natural psychic intuition. She is uncanny in her ability to point out the things that a less than obvious. She honed this skill as a very popular tarot reader on Jackson Square in New Orleans. As if all of this wasn’t enough she is also a very accomplished fire spinner. She picked this skill up during her time running with the Burning man community. She believes nothing can compare to sound of fire hissing around as she does various tricks with her fire hoop, and she plans to break into fire staff in the near future... Yes it is real fire.

If you haven't purchased a camping pass for the evening events yet, you'll want to be there! If you have a day pass you must leave by 10pm. Only those with a camping pass will be admitted to evening festivities. Pleased to announce the moving magic of Wendi La Fey! She has been a Creative Expressionist all her life. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Southern Methodist University. She was the director and founding member, and instructor of the Goddess Babes and th e Desert Divas Belly Dancing Troups in Taos, New Mexico, and she has done hundreds of performances in the USA, Morocco, and Mexico. Wendi is a founding member of the Violetta Lotus Burlesque troupe, and the Eureka Circus Arts Collective. She has performed with The Mosaic Trio, of the Enthios Art Venue, and at Velatropa, a performance space in Tulum, Mexico. Wendi is a fire dancer, and a salsa dancer. She is also a fine artist, a washboard player and vocalist in the Bear Chaser's band, and has played with numerous bands from across the country. She is a face painter, jewelry maker, a mime, a photographer, a model, a costume artist, an entrepreneur, a Middle Eastern and African drummer, a healer, a photographer, and a world traveler! She currently lives in the artist town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where there is a demand for all of her creative talents!

Our bonfire is going to be alive with movement!  Diana Ricketts loves dancing and making music when she takes a break from the 'muggle' world. You’ll usually find her performing with her tribe, TerraNova Tribal, a world music and dance company based in Fayetteville, AR.

Are you ready for this? Prepare to be wowed by Hypnotist/Magician Zachary Gibson!! So excited to have him on board for two shows throughout the weekend. He has been doing magic his whole life and professionally for nearly a decade. He will be featured on the main stage and happy to meet and greet fans at his tent for party bookings and more, etc. Hypnotiiiiiiizing....

Curious about your past, present, or future? Ask G Desiree Fultz anything and she will cast a star chart that gives you clues to solve virtually any mystery in your life. She's a certified life coach, astrologer, and claircognizant intuitive empath. Unlock the coded stars in your life to reveal your greatest potentials and overcome life challenges! You'll leave her booth with chills, empowered, and ready for a new lease on life. Visit PI ASTRO (Psychic Insights Astrology) for a mind-blowing reading! 

LOST CITY MAGIC HAS CANCELED DUE TO VEHICLE TROUBLE!! Are you ready to have some thrills and chills in the realm of folk illusions and Cherokee lore? Native American father-&-son duo are nothing short of AMAZING as they entertain and educate people about their Native American heritage.  Among their illusions: bringing live swarms of wasps to life from a handful of dirt, pulling live snakes from drawings and trapping demons in dreamcatchers! You will want to SEE THIS!

Want to take a tour of some of the most actively haunted sites in and around Eureka Springs? Would you like to learn how to Hunt Ghosts with an EMF meter? What about communicate with the paranormal? Visit the Haunted Tours booth for information on how you can experience one of their combination van / exploration tours. Explore an active site, along with hearing the rich stories and history of Eureka Springs. There is a reason that Eureka Springs had more mortuaries, funeral homes, and undertakers per each citizen than most other U.S. cities. Stop by the booth for a chance to win free tickets!

Are you ready for thrills and chills down your spine? Vince Johari is a renowned Paranormal Entertainer, channeling his life-long experiences with spirituality, ghost hunting, and parapsychology to YOU. JOHARI’S WINDOW (all ages show) is a mind act like no other. Join Vince for a fun and insightful experience as we look through the JOHARI’S WINDOW to better understand our psyche and discover the most psychic members in the audience.  Psychic readings will be given. Intuition will be explored. Animal spirit guides will be found. One volunteer will remotely view into a secret location known only to an audience member.  Mindful entertainment requires active participation rather than sideline observation. Through the use of pendulums, dowsing rods, tarot cards, and other tools of divination, Vince Johari creates an immersive interactive psychic experience that leaves his audiences forever changed. It's possible we may explore having an evening performance for the other show: In the days before radio and television, a monthly séance party was no different from a weekly sewing circle. It was an evening of entertainment to replace the all too common card game or sing-a-long. Adults longed for contact from their dearly departed and were thrilled to glimpse beyond the veil into the spirit world.  Today most of us are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives that we’ve forgotten that connection to our past. By acknowledging and experiencing this connection between life and death, and the thin cosmic veil separating the two, we often find answers to questions we didn’t even know we had. We may even find out what it means to truly LIVE.  ​Welcome to an immersive theatrical séance experience, PRE-POSSESSED. (this segment is 18+ only)

We encourage you to dress up, cosplay your favorite witch or wizard, put on your fairy wings, and be ready for magical creatures with jolly dispositions! Melonie Brannon will be the voice of the stage as you parade your whimsical attire! She will be the Cosplay Judge. We're thrilled to have you in our "Magical Masquerade". Take the stage, pose for a photo, and be immortalize on our social media. 

So pleased to announce the participation of metaphysical talk-show, INNERVERSE, hosted by Chance Garton. InnerVerse is an interview-based podcast that fuses imagination and knowledge of a variety of topics, from ancient spiritual wisdom to modern psychedelic shamanism, all with the intent of inspiring you as an artist. Tune in and explore the esoteric with some of the most creative minds in the world, and expand your Higher Self potential. He truly has a gift for presenting complex subject matter in an easy-to-understand format that leaves listeners feeling enlightened. He does his part, along with very talented guests, to make this universe a light-filled experience for all who have an opportunity to listen. Stop by the booth to meet Chance in person for deep and meaningful discussion. More info at

Part of the magickal appeal of the Gathering Mountain, is the remote location away from the chaos if the city. The air is clean, the stars can be seen at night, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you can see the myst surrounding the mountains in the twilight. We're so pleased to have this event at the FARM, where a magickal experience greets everyone who gathers there. One of our favorite sites is the wooded grove. Trees have been stacked into a sacred grove where there have been weddings and other sacred ceremonies. A few faeries and gnomes have been spotted there... perhaps you'll be lucky enough to see one too. Take your little ones for a walk along the enchanted trail to see what the faeries have been up to... 
They gnomes have hidden treasures along the enchanted trail. If you find a treasure and take it home, you must pay for it with a good deed. One treasure per guest, please. The faeries are watching... they will know...

(painted rocks sponsored by local artists)

The Enchanted trail has a very special enchantment upon it. The gnomes hide their treasures along the trail and it's guarded by faeries, sprites, woodland creatures and spirits of good will. Only a pure heart can remove a treasure from their keep. Are you a being of light? Then help yourself, they are happy to share their treasure with those who do good deeds and spread mirthful chee r! Some very talented local artists have put their magic touch on some ordinary rocks, and transformed them into fantastical things! Hundreds of these rocks will be hidden along the enchanted trail, waiting to be discovered by you! Their contribution to the Gathering Mountain is a gift to you, our guests. One painted rock per guest, please. And then pay for your rock with a genuine hug, a good dead, or a warm smile passed to a stranger. This is a good-will project, to raise vibrations! Thank you for your participation. This is the LARGEST painted rock exchange in the region!

If you wish to volunteer as a rock painter, you may exchange 20 painted rocks for a single day pass. These positions are limited and we already have them almost all filled.

A reminder to BRING YOUR PERCUSSION! Be a part of the HEARTBEAT of this festival! For those of you not drumming, Please dance, swap crystals, make friends by the fire and starlight. Bonfire ritual is at 10pm and Drum circle begins BOTH NIGHTS at 10:30pm around the fire.

As if a bonfire with a drum circle isn't enough to tantalize the senses, let your eyes be entranced by the lovely Isidora Hart, Belly Dancer!  Isidora's degrees through the University of Minnesota are in History and Dance, and she has studied various traditions of movement from around the world including stage and folk dances of the Middle East, North Africa, and India, Flamenco, Mexican Folklorico and martial arts. Her dances are always a blend of these studies with a focus on storytelling, inspiration, and innovation. She has been a premier dancer in Greek and Moroccan restaurants and now performs predominantly on stage. Her career has taken her around the country and internationally to teach and perform, and she has danced for the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance. She is one of the stars of Temptation of Belly Dance and Fantasy Belly Dance, both creative DVDs designed to raise the level of belly dance to a high art of theater and film. She has dedicated her life to The Dance and to sharing it with others. It is her profession, her principle, and her pastime, but most of all, it is her passion.​ Isidora, a name bestowed by two dear friends and fellow dancers, means "the gift of Isis." Indeed, she brings the gift of the artistic body in magical motion to the Gathering Mountain!

The Falcon Family has been sharing their culture all over the United States. They bring their traditional song and dance to life while entertaining their audiences, and they'll be at the Gathering Mountain bringing some dance magic to life! A day and night performance on Saturday only.

Paris always had a love of dance from a young age, but her experiences with classical dance training were brief. She gathered much of her initial dance knowledge through MTV and SOUUUUUULLLLL TRAAAAIIIIINNNN!!!! Her love of performance drove her into cheerleading, which she continued through her first years of college.

Belly dance called Paris ever since she watched pop icons like Aaliyah, Britney Spears, and Shakira incorporate and fuse traditional belly dance moves into their choreographies. Over the years Paris came to admire belly dancers such as Sadie Marquardt, Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio, and Didem to name a few.

Jump back to 2014, Paris received her B.S. in Kinesiology and was working a 9 to 5 job that was far from glitter and stage lights! Her performance bug kept gnawing at her and she knew she had to feed it! Paris finally decided to take up belly dancing!

Paris began her belly dancing journey learning American Tribal Style. Since, she has dabbled in Tribal Fusion, Egyptian, Cabaret, and Tahitian dance styles. Paris considers herself a fusion belly dancer, drawing her inspiration from all areas of dance. She credits her foundation in belly dance to her first instructors Deb Weddle, Diana Ricketts, Angela Gardner, and Sahlah Tepes. She has cultivated her training with international dancers Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio, Kami Liddle, and Sharon Kihara.

Currently, Paris is a pediatric physical therapist and certified Reiki practitioner. When she isn’t working, you can find her cutting a rug.

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