VENDORS:2018 Gathering Mountain

LAST MINUTE VENDOR UPDATES: Booth #9 has canceled due to emergency.

Wizard Hats off to one of our event sponsors! Psychic Insights Astrology. Offering Sidereal 13 Sign Astrology readings, Tarot, Past Life, Predictive Astrology, Synastry, Natal Charts, Horary, Solar Returns, NLP, Hypnosis, and more! Visit their booth for more info, and be empowered with possibilities! Get answers to deep questions, a peek into your future, or some better insight to your life trials. While you're there, pick up some healing crystals, astrology jewelry, or curio gifts for your metaphysically inclined loved ones.

Welcome the BIG SQUEEZE Lemonade! They've been brewing up fresh beverages in NW Arkansas for quite some time now- I'm sure many of you have quenched your thirst with one of their 32 oz fresh-squeezed drinks at other local events. If not, here's your chance to experience an old-fashioned lemonade stand with your house's favorite flavors!

Need a new ride to cruise the skies at the witching hour? Forche Valley Gardens will have you on a new broom that will be the envy of other witches and wizards at the next full moon circle. Get some cool signs to mark your paths, some magical bathbombs with charms, and monochromatic paintings to spice up your space.

Arrive with your neck bare, and the Steampunk Buddah will have you covered with the coolest accouterments and bobbles. So many cool things to see at their booth that it will be hard to resist not bringing home a souvenir. 

Pandora's Patchworks presents a colorful collection of felted Wizard Hats, Magic-Themed Patches, and recycled/upcycled Hand Sewn wearable art and clothing. If you arrive looking like an ordinary human, leave Pandora's tent looking like you were dressed by the elves! Papa Gnome approves the quality craftsmanship

The 'Witch in the Wardrobe' will be at the gathering with an assortment of witchy hats for men, women, and children. While you're there browsing headwear, why not transform your boring wardrobe into something bizarre with a black dress? Find feather headdresses for your inner shaman, gnome hats for treasure hunting, ritual dresses and robes, and some hand-crafted items to satisfy the most critical magician who refuses to wear anything unoriginal for spellwork.

All ye weary travelers, rest easy. KINDRED MATTER will be set up at the Gathering Mountain with aromatherapy blended from the purest essential oils. You'll find custom blends with heavenly aromas so dreamy, you'll think the faeries used a relaxation potion on you! Visit massage therapist, Christin Shaffer, for a chair massage that will help you reconnect your body to a rested state. If you've never felt the magick of massage, now's your chance! Stop by her booth for an appointment and some oil blends with gemstone bottles that enhance the experience with your favorite stones.

Need to restock your DoTerra oils? Apothecary and More will have your favorites available, along with oil diffusers and accessories.

Are your tummies ready for some tender loving cookin'? TLC will keep your energies nourished with savory eats and sweets. Enjoy a turkey drumstick with corn, or a veggies tray with dip while you watch a magic show! The dipped cheesecake wands are a must-try! You'll be waving that stick around afterward saying, "Ha! Did you see how I made that disappear?"

Could your chakras use some balancing? We'll have a Reiki 2 certified practitioner in our midst! Go see Erika Schmitt-Flynn for some realignment. Would you like to feel more relaxed and have a reduction of stress and mental chaos in your life? Erika is a natural empath and uses her abilities to locate your pain so she can direct energies there. Stop by her booth and see what Reiki is all about. She will also have some reiki-blessed candles available for sale.

All the way from New Orleans! Nomadic Magic, a dynamic duo, husband and wife team. Not only providing psychic entertainment and other performing arts but also well crafted in Leatherwork, metal work, woodwork, sewing, wire wrapping, etc. Also selling card tricks, deck, magick tricks, and more. All with a very mystical-feel. Find some of their hand crafted goods at the Gathering Mountain.

Happy Heart Catering brings the taste on the deep south to Gathering Mountain. Catfish, shrimp, hush puppies, fried pies, and more! Sure to make your taste-buds wonder what kind of hudu voodoo the cooks are up to in the kitchen! 

The cauldron shop by Onyx Cat Pottery is going to have these amazing witches cauldron mugs! These are the perfect accent for your morning brew or healing tonics and teas. You'll also find dragon eggs and other beautiful hand-thrown pottery pieces. Will you take one or two lumps of sugar with that?

Joining us from Witchitaw Kansas, MERAKI CONNECTIONS. Reiki 2, Tarot and Therapeutic Touch! Stop by and see Jenny Edkin for some relaxing therapy and insight.

Craft Under the Stairs will be there with a variety of wooden crafts, etched glasses with quirky wizardy & witchy humor, and other unique decor items. Themes from many of your favorite magical worlds. Expand your collection with something handmade and magical!

Shimmering and glimmering art; oh my! Crystal spiders, wire trees, glass art, and more! Joyfor Creations lives up to their name. Such a joy to see the faerie-like craftsmanship in every creation.

Welcome KING OF WANDZ to the event! Stop by their tent for wands, wizards staffs, magickal implements, wire-wrap jewelry, talismans and more! Only the finest craftsmanship for the selective wizard at King of Wandz.

Get your vintage witch on! FOXY ECLECTIC TREASURE brings a touch of elegance and class to The Gathering Mountain! Steampunk-inspired furniture, curio decor pet beds, accessories, and Neo-Victorian Attire to satisfy your cosplay fancy. If you're going to the potions & herbs recipe swapmeet, you might as well look fabulous doing it!

Bees have always been associated with magickal bloodlines, royalty, and industry. Wild Bee Designs will have you feeling royal with some heavenly bath kits, and grounded with gemstone jewelry. Beeswax candles for your light work, spellwork, or relaxing candle-light bath. Go see what the buzz is all about!

The Gnomes may be hiding treasures in the woods, but you'll find treasures out in the open at The Treasure Grotto! Exquisite make-up brushes in your favorite magical themes sets; wizards, wands, unicorn horns, mermaid tails, and more. Stock up on spell books, quill pens, wand brushes, music boxes, cosplay make-up, and more! Every fairy princess needs a brush set for the vanity when she looks into the magic mirror.

Need a zodiac sign for your rear view mirror or a set of magical ornaments for Yule? These decorative glass pendants by Jiorjia Jaques are just the thing to add elegant meaning to your space. The faeries will be pleased by the way the light glimmers on the glass! Find your favorite symbols on beautiful stained glass panels

Elemental Fusion brings fantasy sculptures and unique hand-crafted earrings, ear cuffs, and more to the gathering. Do you need a dragon statue for your fairy house so she feels guarded and safe? Find something nice to spice up your desk in the mundane world to remind you that magick is real... 

The Eclectic Witch will be at the #gatheringmountain with dream catchers, oil diffusers, handmade candles, candle mugs, bath salts, decor, and more! Need to make your bath a bit more magical? See the Eclectic Witch.

Every wizard needs a hand-crafted leather handbag to carry ritual implements, herbs, and spell notes. Design by Gilder has quality one-of-a-kind leather bags for every witchy need, cosplay wands, dragon eggs, wand brushes, and more!

Confections by Cunningham have earned a reputation for creating smiles when people take a bite of one of their character cookies. So pretty to look at it's almost a shame to eat them. You can expect to find your favorite magical creatures and characters in their confections stand.

Hendrix Craft and Confections offer handmade candies and confections, hand painted crafts, hairbows and more! Your house favorites.

Planet Merlin is truly a curio attraction complete with a very unique hand-made gypsy vardo vending cart and strange gifts that you won't find anywhere else! From real human bone relics (yes, it's legal), to talismans, smoking accessories, and collectibles, you'll find yourself spending quite a bit of time just digging through little treasure chests full of incredibly affordable bargains like crystals, fossils, jewelry, and more.

We welcome HEMPWORX products to the festival! Stop by their booth to see what magickal properties make their CBD oils a wonderful part of your self-care. A must-have for many magickal workings.

The Thrifty Gypsy will be brewing up some amazing loose leaf tea blends for potions and personal use. Potion bottles, tea bags, and an assortment of jewelry to satisfy the thrifty gypsy within. See what else she has near the cauldron, you just might need it for your next spell!

Anyone here old enough to remember Bedknobs & Broomsticks? A most unusual vendor joins us at the Gathering Mountain with, NECK KNOBS. Interesting bobbles created from drawer pulls and knobs, but transformed into wearable art. They look like fancy potion bottles, or knobs that, if twisted, unlock a secret world known only to you... Plenty of sparkling treasures to browse...

Need more fantasy books to add to your shelf? How about books about witches, wizards, magic, unicorns, dragons, and more! oh my! Welcome, Usborne Books, with a huge selection of fantastic tales to take you away from the boring world of normal routine. Books are magic!

Eureka Springs Soap Company brings heavenly aromas to the Gathering Mountain in quality handmade soaps, scrubs, bombs, and more! Many scents to tantalize your senses and bring you into a relaxed state for the perfect bathing experience. Light some candles and sink down into that silky water for a meditative soak sure to revive your energies for the great work

The Wildest Dandelion brings giggles and smiles to the festival with their quirky & comedic printed mugs, stickers, coozies, key-chains, t-shirts, tea towels, art prints, stickers, and more! Clever wit make their items fun gifts and souvenirs to grin by. 

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