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A recap the Gathering Mountain Festival of Magick 2018:
"We debuted our first ever InnerVerse booth at a magical festival last week and we have some fun stories to tell about what we experienced there. Tune in and expand your imagination about how magic works and perhaps even get some good ideas for your own exploration of extended consciousness phenomenon!"

Please welcome INNERVERSE PODCAST to the Gathering Mountain! Stop by their booth to have a chat with Chance Garton, host of the show. Chance has a poetic way with words which makes exploring metaphysical, spiritual, and magickal conversation enjoyable and enlightening. Click the link below to hear a sample show where one of our other Gathering Mountain Guests, G Desiree Fultz of Psychic Insights Astrology, talks about divination with astrology and what you can expect at the event in September. Desiree gives a live reading. She will be offering readings and consultations at the festival. Enjoy the show!

One of our other talented psychics that will be at the Gathering Mountain is featured on the Innerverse Podcast, Renee Johanna, Intuitive Consultant. Hosted by Chance Garton. Listen to get a sneak peek at how Renee works with others to reach deeper personal insight at improving personal accountability. Great tips on how to navigate life happily, honestly, and how to get the very best out of relationships with others. In this podcast she talks about Law of Attraction and also about her new book which will be available for sale at the event for book signings.  "You never "get away" with anything, YOU always know what you're doing" 

Eureka Springs Independent news paper. Read the full article HERE.

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